Icons in Snoobi


When moving the mouse over an editable line in a data table, the pencil icon appears. Click on it if you wish to edit the information.

When moving the mouse over a removable line in a data table, the trash can icon appears. Click on it to delete the information. Beware! Once deleted information can not be restored.

The number shown with this icon is the number of pages viewed by a visitor. If you set OnClick or other events in the Snoobi code, these will also be included.

Click on the chart icon to display the data in a panel as a chart. Use Panel Options to choose a Line or a Bar chart. You can select a Line or Bar Graph (optionally stacked) via the Options panel.

Click on the table icon to display the data as a table. Use Panel Options to change the number of lines wish to display. Through the Options panel, you can specify how many rows you want to see and you can also select a pie chart instead of a table.

Click the clock icon to display the data in a panel per hour, daily, weekly and/or monthly. When selecting Daily you can choose a running average over seven days. When viewing a long period of time (months), you can no longer apply small step sizes (such as hourly).

When you move the mouse over a specific line in a table, see you this information icon appear when there is additional information. Click on it to see this information.

Click the question mark icon to get help on the topic you are working with. Not all components have extended help information. You will find extensive help in this help file. 

This icon shows in the Custom Reports panel. Click on it to make an exact copy of a report, complete with all subscribers and users. The copy can then easily be adapted to include for example other panels, columns or users.