The dashboard shows the results of analyzed website traffic and file downloads over the chosen time range at one glance. Here you immediately see number of visits and bounce rate, the ratio between mobile and desktop activity, the most visited pages and the organizations with the most visitors, the latter also showing organization details (if known) and visit routes.


After login (or after choosing an account in the start screen if you have more accounts) the Dashboard is displayed. 


If you have set a custom report as dashboard, this report will be displayed. 



: To return here later, click on Web Analytics at the top of the menu.




Snoobi menu

The Snoobi menu offers access to some or all (depending on your Snoobi level) of the following options:


Web Analytics

Options to analyze your website.

Visitors and Leads

Direct access to detailed analysis visiting organizations.


Users with Admin permission can change settings for the account, users and reports.


Fixed or flexible



You can fix the menu display or make it flexible. In the latter situation, the menu will collapse in order to have more space for the data. Click on MENU to switch between the two options, or hover with youe mouse. If the symbol is blue, the menu is fixed, if black, it will collapse.


Set time range

Choose the time range for the data that is displayed. This is 7 days by default. 


Add Segment

Use segments to zoom in on one or more specific elements of the data in a panel.



You can choose to show your own specific data in the dashboard by creating a Custom report including the required data. Next, choose Set as starting panel in the user menu (top right corner).


My Start Page

You can choose to create your own start page: Create a Custom Report containing the data you wish to view in the dashboard after logging in. While this report is displayed, click My Start Page.


Choose Account

If you have access to multiple Snoobi accounts, click here to show a list to choose from.


Customer support aka 'Knowledgebase'

Options to obtain technical support.


User menu

This menu offers options to log out, change your user settings, log a Support Requesr, set a chosen page as starting page (see 4 above) and choose another language.