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Choose Summary in the Web analytics menu for a summary of the analysis data from your website. The figures relate to the chosen time range,



In the left column, choose which data (metrics) you want to see in the chart. Move your mouse over the chart to see details, as shown above.
In Panel Options you can select which data elements are visible in the left column for selection.

Visits: The number of times the site has been accessed during the chosen time interval. A visit is determined by the length of the browser session, which is 30 minutes in Snoobi. If a visitor doesn't do a single new page view within 30 minutes, then a new visit is counted upon the next page view. A visitor creates a visit. There can be many visits in the duration of one day. One visit often contains several page views.

Out of all visits:If you are not viewing a certain segment (selection), this percentage will be 100. If you view a certain segment, for example only visits from new visitors, this shows the percentage of new visitors to all visitors.

Bounce rate: Visitors with only one page view, how many visitors leave the site after only seeing the entry page.

Page views: A page view is counted each time an individual page or file is opened in the visitor's browser. The summary accounts for the number of pages that have been loaded during the chosen time interval.

Page views / visit: The mean average of how many pages an individual browses through during one visit. A low count can be an indication of a poor visitor quality or alternatively, if ads or links are concerned, that the visitors immediately find what they are looking for. A high count is usually an indication of a good visitor quality.

Conversion: Conversions are counted from goals, the event of opening a goal means that the visit has become converted.

Conversion rate: The percentage of converted visits out of all website traffic.

Conversion value:The value of the conversion as was entered in the settings for Goals.

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