Start screen


If you have more than one Snoobi account, the following screen is displayed after logging in.
In this screen you can select the account you want to work with. If you have one Snoobi account, you will not see this screen and move directly to the dashboard.
Note if you have selected another start page for your account, you will move there instead of the dashboard


(1) Back to start screen

From anywhere within Snoobi, click on the Snoobi logo if you wish to return to this start screen to choose another account.

(2) Snoobi Accounts

Here you see the Snoobi accounts to which you have access. If you have many, use the Filter accounts field to look for a specific account. Click on the account you wish to work with, this will display the Dashboard.

(3) Last Viewed

Here is displayed when you (the logged in user) has last viewed this Account

(4) Level

A level can be Full Snoobi for the full Snoobi Analytics, or Dashboard  when the Snoobi account is no longer active or only displaying Snoobi Prospekter.