The panel Referring websites shows through which websites of other companies, which have a link to your website, visitors found your website.
For the visibility of your website in search engines it is very important to have links to your website on websites of other companies.
Online directories, social media, search engines, or ads that are not yet defined in Snoobi, appear in this category. So if you see something that belongs to a different category, please contact us so we can resolve.


Show details


In the Web Analytics menu, select Entry methods and click Referring websites. The data are displayed as a table or chart, depending on the last selection made (see panels).


What is shown


The panel displays information about the selected time range. See Metrics for an explanation of the data analysis.




In what context is your business discussed? In this panel, click on a website for the exact link (inbound link URL) to the page where you can see in what context your own website is mentioned.


Sometimes, the list shows IP addresses and links that can not be opened. If a visitor clicks on a link in an email, it can be displayed in the list as various web mail or email addresses. The more of these are shown, the more your address was circulated by e-mail.


If the panel shows a page or domain that in fact is a part of other websites you own and you want to analyze these as well, theyt can be added to your account  (contact Snoobi).