Visitors and Leads - Organization

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 Visitors and Leads - Organization


The Organization panel shows the analysis data of organizations that have visited your website. You can use this information to generate leads. Snoobi can identify a large number of companies.


Show details


In the Web Analytics menu, select Visitors and click Organization. The data are displayed as a table with the last settings when Snoobi was logged out.

The table is the most useful!

What is shown


The panel displays information about the selected time range. 


Extended visitor information


Click on the name of an organization for more information about the organization or the visits by the organization. 

In the popup screen you will see a summary and a few options.


  • Social Media

    Click here to go to the Social Media screen with links for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN
  • Visits

    Click here for an overview of recent visits for this organization
  • LeadsProfiler (if available in your edition)

    Click here for LeadsProfiler (search for LeadsProfiler in this Knowledgebase for more information)
  • Report Errors

    When you see some incorrect information, let us know!


Change Organization Type and Lead label


By adjusting Organization Type and Lead label,  you can easily indicate which visiting organizations are of interest to your lead generation.


Snoobi distinguishes the following Organization Types:

COM - all commercial institutions

ISP - (Internet Service Providers

GOV - municipal, provincial and (semi-) government institutions such as water boards

EDU - all educational institutions for primary, secondary and higher education, universities and related institutions


Only Snoobi can change the organization types, they are predefined by us.


Snoobi distinguishes the following Lead labels: Prospect, Ignore, Suspect, Hot Lead, Competitor, Client, Partner and Own Company.


You can change the Lead label by clicking on the pencil in the Lead label column on the appropriate line.
In Settings you can also add your own Lead Labels.


Apply rating groups


If you created scoring group(s) via the settings, you can select an additional metric scoring group via the panel options. That way you only view visitor data that meet certain criteria.
The Default Scoring may have been setup in Settings.


Generate Leads List


To send a list of leads to, for example, the sales department, you can:

  • Export the panel to an HTML, PDF or CSV file.
  • Regularly send a list via email to predefined addresses. Settings are done through the Report Actions.





You can change the organization type by clicking on the pencil that appears when moving the mouse over an organization type. Please note that the change will only affect your own Snoobi account, not those of others.


To send a list of leads, for example, to the sales department, you can:

  • Export the panel to a PDF or CSV file.
  • Send a PDF report to predefined addresses via email. First add the panel to a custom report (via panel actions). Settings for e-mail reporting can be edited via the menu Custom reports.


If you have created one or more rating group(s) via settings, you can apply a scoring group on the data via Segmentation to filter out unwanted organizations

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