Visitors and Leads - Geography


The panel Geography shows the analysis data of visitors by country, visitors by region and visitors by city. Because the location of a visitor is related to the IP address, the exact region and city is not always easy to figure out, especially for mobile visitors.


Show details


In the Web Analytics menu, select Visitors and click Geography. The data are displayed as a table or chart, depending on the last selection made (see panels).


What is shown


The panel displays information about the selected time range. See Metrics for an explanation of the data analysis.




Visitors by country shows the country where the visit came from. The country is established on the basis of where the visitor's IP address is registered. The results can be used to determine where most of the demand comes from.


European Union: A country is identified as European Union if the IP address is registered with the organization or Internet service provider in the European Union and can not be linked to a specific country.


Take advantage of this geographical information:

In lead generation: select leads based on this geographic information and give it to the sales person or the sales team covering the region.

For sponsored links: If you find that you have low quality visits from beyond your sales area, you may want to exclude these regions.

To identify demand: In what cities, regions and countries are people looking for your products? Especially if you use Google AdWords and pay for these visitors, this is relevant. Be wary of polluted data from mobile visitors and exclude them from the analysis by applying segmentation, if needed.