Account permissions 

In the Snoobi menu, click on Settings, next on Permissions, next on Accounts. The following screen shows your Snoobi account(s).



  • Account name shows the name(s) of your Snoobi account(s).
  • Privileges shows the name of the user (if one) or a number. Click on the number to see which users have access to the account.
  • User reports shows (if reports are created) either the name of a report or a number (if more than one). Click on the number to see the reports.
  • Email subscriptions shows (if subscriptions are set) the name of the user receiving email subscriptions, or a number if more than one.
    Click on the number to see all users who receive email subscriptions. (Email subscriptions are set within Custom reports or via Report permissions.)


Edit permissions


Move the mouse over the lines in the account list You will see a pencil appear on the right side of each line. Click on this to open the next screen:



In this screen, you can grant Snoobi users Admin or User permission to the account, or remove the permission (No access).


You cannot delete a user, but you can remove access to the account for a user by checking the button under No Access.


To add a new user for this Snoobi account, enter the person's email address in the entry field on top, choose User or Admin permission, and click on Add new.


Click on Save after each change.