Settings - Lead or organization labels

Note: These settings Go to Settings, Leads settings to add and manage your own Lead labels.


Lead labels with Id 0 through 9 are already predefined and cannot be changed. From Id 10 through 19 you can add your own Lead label.



Add Lead label

Click Add and choose an unused Id. Enter the name for the Lead label and click OK. The name for a Lead label has a maximum of 40 characters.


Edit or delete Lead label

Move the mouse over the lines containing your own Lead labels. A pencil icon and trash can icon appear on the right side of the line. Click on the pencil to edit the name of a Lead label. All organizations with this Lead label will be updated to reflect the new name. Click on the trash can icon to delete a Lead label. 

Note: All organizations that have this deleted Lead label will be given the Lead label Unknown. The ID can be used for a new Lead label.