Advanced settings - Account settings

Modified on Sat, 13 Feb 2021 at 01:38 PM

This can be found under Settings | Advanced settings | Account settings and is accessible to Snoobi administrators.

  • Time Zone, not editable but on request
    The time zone for this account. This affects all data and metrics. Not advisable to change without     contacting Snoobi support as it can greatly impact reports. An time zone changes is in effect only from the change onwards.
  • Currency, editable
    Can be edited but is mostly used for e-commerce transations and advertising cost.
  • Account Alias, editable
    Editable only by Snoobi Support, information-only
  • Real-time update, editable
    If Enabled, view data from current day as well, otherwise only full days are shown
  • Account ID
    Snoobi account id, information-only
  • Tracking started
    When did this account start, information-only
  • Data collection
    Mostly 'Normal' for most accounts
  • Automated page names
    Can be edited in the settings, shown here for information purpose only
  • Automated clustering
    Can be edited in the settings, shown here for information purpose only
  • Account holder
    The email of the original orderer, information-only
  • Tracking Disabled
    For accounts with a limit on the number of pages/events per month, this gets switched to 'Off' when that limit is reached. Back on at 24:00 on the first date of the next month.
    This is also 'Off' for any archived account

Contact Snoobi Support for additional information.

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