The dashboard shows the most important data analysis of website traffic tracked by Snoobi at a glance. In the Dashboard version of Snoobi, the data covers the past seven days. Move the mouse over the charts for exact figures for each measurement point.

Visits: The number of times the website is accessed by a visitor. A visit is the display of one or more website pages to a visitor.

Bounce %: The percentage of visitors (of all) leaving the site after viewing only one page. Further analysis may reveal whether this is because the visitor has immediately found what he is looking for, or that the information does not meet expectations.

Visit source:The source of the visits by the visitors, how did they reach the website?
Top Pages: The five web pages that are most visited, shown as a percentage of all page impressions in the last 7 days, followed by the percentage comparing to the previous period (if set).

Top organizations: The five organizations that have visited the site most often in the last 7 days. Visits by ISPs (Internet Service Provider) are excluded. Shown are the flag of the visitor's country, the name and location (if known) of the organization and the number of visits.

Click on the name of an organization for additional information.x