The Snoobi Account Privacy Settings -- Updated for April 2022 Release

Important! IP-addresses of visitors are always anonymized; unless the visitor explicitly agrees and according to the Privacy settings.

When an IP-address is scrambled (anonymized), it is not stored in the complete form but used once to enable recognition of the internet service provider or organization. The actual visitor is anonymous and cannot be identified. This ensures private browsing unless visitor agrees and allows cookies to be set.

The following options are available.
Note: Changes may be needed when Snoobi Analytics is used to analyze client portals, intranet installations and in general where recognizing repeat unique visitors is important and allowed.
  • Privacy settings
    This has two options:
    • Visitor level - the IP-address is scrambled for anonymization on a Visitor level if cookies are not allowed. Note that if cookies are allowed by the visitor, no scrambling will take place, and each visitor/browser combination has a unique visitor id as well as a related IP-address.
    • Account level - Any IP-address received is scrambled, regardless of cookie settings and acceptance. Note that if cookies are accepted by the visitor AND cookie settings are set to ON (so that a cookie is stored in the visitor's browser) then the anonimized visitor still has an unique visitor ID.

With few exceptions, Account level is the default setting for all European Snoobi accounts.

Important!-- Please note that IP-anonymization and scrambling is not reversible, Snoobi has no method to reverse a scramble action and recover the original IP-address as nothing is stored. 

  • Enforce session cookies only
    Many Snoobi clients have installations that have no specific cookie setting as part of the Snoobi tracking code or the website owner has no direct control over the implementation of the tracking code. This setting will be set to Enabled for these installations or at the request of the client.
    If Enabled, this enforces the setting that Snoobi doesn't set any persistent cookie, and thus overrides the parameter in the Snoobi tracking code.
    It also means that every visitor is unique, so by definition measuring returning visitors is no longer possible.
  • Don't show organization names
    Snoobi recognizes the names of visiting organizations. In specific cases it may be needed to obscure the organization names if the name of the organization may point to a private person.
    If this is set to Enabled, then organization names are no longer visible but replaced by a unique code: Org_124455. Location and other generic information is still available.

To make a change, a user with Administrator-level access can click the 'Request Privacy Settings' button and follow the instructions. Due to legal and privacy rules Snoobi Service can only act on this single method and requests are logged. To protect the legal requirements of Snoobi and our clients these changes can only be made by Snoobi Service and may require an additional non-standard Data Processing Agreement.