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Information about Snoobi en passwords

Your Username and Password provide personalized access to your Snoobi account and the data from your organization.

It is important to keep your login for your personal use. 
Snoobi strongly advises agains sharing login data with others.
The analytics data that is collected by Snoobi represents important metrics about your online presence and therefor is of strategic value which should be kept confidential.

In addition, since settings and reports you make are linked to your login there will be delays and uncontrollabe results when multiple users use the same login.
There is no limit to the number of users that can use the Snoobi Analytics platform. 

You will receive initial details on how to create your password after you have been created as a user or administrator. Passwords are private, and cannot be viewed or retrieved by anyone (not even Snoobi).
The link that you use to select a password is valid for 24 hours only, you will need to contact Snoobi or your administrator for a new link if you are not able to create a password within that time period.

Login name

The login name is the original email address that is used when your user account is created. The login user name cannot be changed, but the actual e-mail address that is used for the login can be changed by using the Personal settings and Edit.

Password rules

A password needs to have at least 12 characters and contain at least one number, one uppercase and one lower case letter.

Changing your password

We advise to regularly change your password.
You can change your password by navigating to the Personal settings (Right hand header, click on your name).

You will need to provide your existing password as well as repeat the new password.
Make a good secure note of the new password!

If you forget your password

If you forget your password, you will need to create a new password since neither your administrator nor Snoobi can view your current password.

But is is easy to set up a new password, as long as you know at least your original login name by selecting 'Forgot password' from the Snoobi login screen. You will see the following message:

Enter the login username (which may be an previous email address), and Snoobi will send an e-mail with instructions to set a new password to the email address associated with thet login.
That e-mail will be vaiid for 24 hours.

Note that for security reasons there will be no message when the login username cannot be found.

Contact Snoobi's Support if you are unable to create a new password for your login.

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