How to use Snoobi Mobile

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Snoobi Mobile is a free companion app for Snoobi Analytics. It can be used as an easy mobile tool based on Snoobi Analytics to view important site metrics and to review names of visiting organizations.It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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After you have installed Snoobi Mobile, you will need to enter your Username and Password as well as the account id of your Snoobi Analytics account.
You will then see the initial view of Snoobi mobile, the weekly metrics view for the previous 7 days compared to the 7 days before.
If you see a 'Nothing found' message, you can ignore this for now as it means no organizations can be shown yet.

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By clicking on the calendar symbol in the top-left corner you can select the time period you want to see. Use 'Toggle comparison' to show comparison metrics for the previous period.
The available metrics are Visits, Bounce rate, Page views and Conversions. Note that Conversions only show if you have created the relevant settings in Snoobi Analytics.

 The 'Day' view shows the previous day with metrics per hour.
 The 'Week' view shows the previous 7 days with metrics per day.
★ The 'Month' view shows the previous 31 day with the metrics per week.

Comparison is always for the previous hour, day or week

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If you click on the settings symbol in the top-right corner you will reach this settings screen for the organizational view.

The setting for Minimum Points influences which organizations you will see in Snoobi Mobile. The default setting is 10 Points. For this to function, you can create a Rating Group in the Snoobi analytics settings where points are given to certain conditions such as the number of pages viewed.
If you do not use this function, then set the minimum to 0.
On this screen you can also change the Snoobi account id if you have multiple accounts, or logout completely.

Click on the back arrow to go to the previous page, settings are stored automatically.

On the main screen, click on 'To organizations' to show the list of visiting organizations.Showing organizations has a different time setting than the site metrics, click on the calendar symbol top-left to set the number of days to search for (1-15 days.) Pull to refresh the display.

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The organizational view shows the following information for the visitors:

The name and the city as well as the flag for the country.
The number of visits by thie organization in the chosen period
The average number of page views
The type of the organization
(COMpany, ISP/provider, EDUcational, GOVernment, or --- for unknown)
The score for the default rating group if you have used this feature.

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Click on the name of an organization in the list to see additional details such as start and end time of the visit, where they landed, the number of pages viewed during that visit and what method was used to visit your site.
Click on the name of an organization in this view to copy the name to your device clipboard so you can easily use it, for instance to search.

And contact Snoobi Customer Service if you need additional information or assistance.


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