Advertising & other clicks

Advertisements in Snoobi is the collective name for email campaigns, banners, cost-per-click, paid advertising, search engine campaigns and newsletter links.
To analyze these, they must be configured in the Advertisement Settings or the Google standard UTM-coding structure should be used to automatically fill in these details.


In the Web analytics menu, click on Advertising, the drop down menu shows the various components of which you can view the analysis data.




This panel presents data on email campaigns, banners, cost-per-click and search engine campaigns and newsletters.


Advertisement mediums

This panel presents data on advertisement groups you set.


Advertisement types

This panel displays information about the various advertising channels (e-mail, social media, TV, radio, etc).
Note for non-online types you will need to define a specific landingspage and coding and set these in the settings.



In a campaign, you can analyze all the campaign related advertisements in Snoobi.
In settings, you create the campaign with a specific start- and end date and select the Advertisements to use.