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Custom Report Actions

A custom report can have one or more actions associated with the report.
Review the text below and the separate article on Email Subscriptions

Custom Report Actions



Click on Export. Choose HTML or PDF format and click again on Export. If HTML is chosen, the report will be displayed in a new browser window. You can share the link with others. The link will be available for 30 days. When choosing PDF, a PDF file is created.


Send by email

Before you send a report by e-mail, choose the number of rows in each of the panels that you want to show in the report you want to show. Default view is 10 rows in a panel. Adjust the number of rows at the bottom of the panel to display all the rows and then send the report.
Warning: Choosing many rows in a report with a lot of data can lead to failure, as Snoobi cannot collect all data fast enough.


In Report Actions, click on Send by email.


Enter one or more email addresses. These do not have to be Snoobi users.


Next, choose in what format you wish to send the report:


HTML The recipient receives a message with a link to the report. The link will remain available for 30 days.
Note 1 : this will not always be possible with complex data.

Note 2: you can always select to send a single panel, or export a single panel.


Attachment The recipient will receive the report in PDF format as an attachment to the message. When using this option, be aware that the width of the PDF is limited to what the monitor screen displays.


User permissions

Change user access permissions for the report (User, Admin or No access). An administrator can also change this in Settings, Permissions, Custom reports.


Email subscriptions

You can send a Custom report at specified intervals to certain email addresses. See the Article on Email subscriptions.



If you have made changes to the report, choose Save to save the changes.

Note: If the report is scheduled to be automatically sent, then the format (columns, metrics, number of rows) will be as you have saved it.


Choose Rename if you wish to change the name of the report.



Choose Remove if you want to delete the report. Make sure that nobody else is using the report. A deleted report cannot be retrieved.

There are four additional options you have available in Panel Actions:
  • Move panel up - Move this panel one panel up in the report
  • Move panel down - Move this panel one panel down in the report
  • Rename panel - Give this panel a different name, so it is clear to whoever views the report what data they're looking at.
  • Remove panel - Remove this panel from the report. Note once removed you may not be able to recover this panel.

Note: We advise to first make a copy (clone) of the report if you are making multiple changes so you can easily recover from any errors

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