Generate ad link

The measurement of advertisements is based on a so called advertisement identifier which is added to the destination address (URL) of an advertisement.
This creates an advertisement link that makes it possible to measure the number of clicks on advertisements separately from other page impressions.
The following describes how to generate an advertising link.


Generate Ad link


1. Go to Settings, Advertising, Generate ad link. The next screen will be displayed:



2. Enter the following details:


# Add URL

Fill in the URL address of the landing page of the ad, for example:

# Ad name

Enter a unique name for the advertisement, for example Newsletter February. Preferably do not use special characters.

# Ad media

Optionally, enter the name of the ad group to which the ad belongs, such as Newsletters. You may need to first create the link and then return to this screen to select the Ad Media

# Ad type

Optionally, choose from the menu the type of ad: general, search engine advertising, banner, email, in-site advertising, print, TV, radio or social media. You may need to furst create the link and then return to this screen to enter the Ad Type

 * Note the mandatory items


3. Copy the generated link:


The ad link is automatically generated below. Copy this link to the media you want to analyze, such as the banner on your website, or the action card you send to customers. When people use this link, it is measured by Snoobi and results can be viewed via the Advertising option in the Web analytics menu.