The Snoobi Datafeed


Snoobi Datafeed

The data collected by Snoobi can be exported as a CSV file and used for further analysis or reporting. However, since this means that you always have to log in to Snoobi, this method is less suitable for realizing an automated report or combination with data from other tools such as BI tools. To meet this request from users and partners, we make the Snoobi Datafeed available, which is an extract of data from your Snoobi Analysis account. A special version of the Snoobi Datafeed is also used by Prospekter Lite Mobile to display visitor information on a mobile device.

How the Snoobi Datafeed works

Based on a single url link with the Snoobi data server, an output in a json format is generated, or a csv file is created. In the data request you can specify filters, for example all metrics of pages visited with 'Phone' in the name or url where the visitor meets a certain condition (for example, only visitors from a certain country or with a certain lead score).

A Snoobi Datafeed is based on the data from a Snoobi report panel, and is created for each account at your request and specification.


What can I do with this information?

This output can be used in various reporting tools such as Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, in Microsoft Excel or as input for a CRM system. In short, all tools that can use input based on a json or csv file. Furthermore, the Snoobi Datafeed can be used to show visiting companies on the mobile phone with Prospekter Lite.    

How do I access the Snoobi Datafeed for my Snoobi account?

In the form, we ask you to accept the 'Snoobi Datafeed Policy'. In addition, depending on your Snoobi edition, there may be annual costs associated with its use, or there may be one-off costs.

A Datafeed or the feeds for Prospekter Lite can be requested by an administrator of the Snoobi account: you must fill in the form and sign it online, we will then contact you by e-mail and set up the Snoobi Datafeed with the information you want.  An order for a Snoobi Datafeed is confirmed only after we have agreed on the possible cost.

Non-standard Snoobi Datafeeds are set for every Snoobi account by Snoobi Customer Service and our developers. For Prospekter Lite you will immediately receive the required two data feeds.


The form for the Snoobi datafeed among this link to find (in English)