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The Snoobi Wordpress plugin to add Snoobi ID checker

To faciliate easy installation of Snoobi Analytics-specific code on Wordpress-based websites, Snoobi has developed specific plugins that can be used.

Below the information on adding the Snoobi ID checker to your Wordpress page(s).

The Snoobi ID checker provides the website owner with the means to check for a valid Visitor ID and subsequently provide information to the user/visitor of the website or request from Snoobi that a specific Visitor ID needs to be removed.

The plugin can be found under this link:

Below the information from the Readme document for the plugin.
Attached the fixed text (in English, Dutch or Finnish) as the plugin will show on your website.

Read me for Snoobi ID Checker plugin




This plugin enables the use of the Snoobi visitor ID checking tool to your website.

NOTE: Do not install this if you are not using Snoobi Analytics on your website; this plugin only works in combination with cookies created by your Snoobi Analytics account.


If you don’t have a Snoobi Analytics account yet, then request a free trial account at the Snoobi Technology Website.


The plugin works with either Snoobi Analytics on the .COM server located in Finland OR Snoobi Analytics on the .EU server located in Germany.


This plugin presents the user with the Snoobi Visitor ID and text explaining what it is used for and how to request information or deletion from thw website owner.

For full information see details in the Snoobi Knowledgebase

Using the plugin you can easily add your own text before and after the text provided by Snoobi. You add the ID checker using a simple shortcode as follows:

  • [idsnoobi id="1" language="en"]
     This inserts ID checker for analytics.snoobi.com with English language selected.
  • [idsnoobi id="1" language="fi"]
     This inserts ID checker for analytics.snoobi.com with Finnish language selected.
  • [idsnoobi id="2" language="en"]
     This inserts ID checker for analytics.snoobi.eu with English language selected.
  • [idsnoobi id="2" language="nl"]
     This insert ID checker for analytics.snoobi.eu with Dutch language selected.


Contact us if you want to cooperate with us to create additional language versions.


This plugin is developed on behalf of Snoobi Technology B.V

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