Snoobi Private IP-address translator

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Snoobi per-account private IP-to-name database -- Updated for April 2022 Release

What is Snoobi's Private IP-address translator

Snoobi Analytics uses a number of IP-address-to-organization name functions to show the name of an organization as a dimension. These lists are mostly public lists which are adjusted to fit the Snoobi interface and extended to show additional data elements where available.
This function is used to link a name to an organization or an internet service provider, but the full IP address is never stored unless explicit consent is given by the website visitor.

By design, the IP-address-to-organization name is a global function within Snoobi. Every Snoobi account uses the same database to show these names.


However there are cases where organizations need to identify incoming visitors and have information about the IP-addresses these visitors use. Due to privacy or security reasons however, these IP-addresses can never become elements in the global Snoobi database since they need to remain private to the organization.
Those visitors could be employees, branche offices, specific clients,  partners or employees.


The Snoobi Private IP-address translator addresses that privacy concern by allowing Snoobi accounts to use a private range of named IP addresses which are only visible in that Snoobi account but never shared with other Snoobi accounts.


Up to 1000 IP-address ranges can be pre-defined by an organization for each Snoobi account. Snoobi Services will provide the format as csv file to be filled by the organization

These IP-address ranges function as an override to the global Snoobi IP address database. Snoobi reports for the account will show the name and relevant additional information from the local account override table instead of the information from the global database.

Names that are used from this private account table are separately identified, making filtering and segmentation easy.
At the end of the Snoobi account or upon a qualified request, all data of the private database will be removed unrecoverably from Snoobi's database servers.

Pricing and how to request

There is a small fee associated with setting up and maintaining the private database.The Snoobi Private IP-address translator pricing is in addition to the Snoobi Analytics standard price.
A separate agreement to satisfy the needs for privacy and security, will be an element of the arrangement.

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