Advertising - Advertisements


This panel presents data on email campaigns, banners, cost-per-click and search engine campaigns and newsletters that are configured in the Ad Settings. Analyzing ads is based on an ad identifier that must be placed in the link of ads you want to follow. You may already have done so for the Google UTM-coding or the Marketing Automation tool you use has done this automatically.


Show details


In the Web Analytics menu, select Advertising and click Advertisements. The data are displayed as a table or chart, depending on the last selection made (see panels).


What is shown


The panel displays information about the selected time range. See Metrics for an explanation of the data analysis.




  • You can change the name, media and type of an ad via the ad settings if you are an administrator
  • Page views/visit shows the average number of pages visited by one visitor per visit. Thus, you can determine how valuable the visitor is and if the ad has reached your target audience. Generally, the higher the number of page views per visit, the more successful your ad is, and the better your website is meeting the expectations of the visitors who clicked on the ad.
  • Advertisement Costs: If cost are linked to the ad (via Snoobi settings), this column shows how much the ad has cost in the selected time range.