Parameter filters for url's

Webshops, discussion forums and other specific websites can have long URLs with parameters that do not affect the content of the web (session IDs). Each page impression will be registered as a new page by Snoobi.
As an example, an url could become like, and the sessionid may change every time. That would result in many identical pages but with a different url and that will impact several metrics.


In order not to 'pollute' the report, you can specify which parameters should be excluded from the URL and thus the Snoobi results. This is also an option for websites with page names that are not automatically created from the parameter or the title, and where page addresses are too long to be displayed in its entirety.


NOTE: If Automatic page naming is not used, the Snoobi report displays the URL without a parameter as page name.

  • This setting strips out the area between two ? or & signs as url-parameter so becomes:
  • This setting does not actually alter the original url, but only the visible title.
  • And it doesn't function is title is taken from html-title
  • So it only works if account is using urls as title. If titles come from title tag or parameter, that setting does not have any effect.


Create a parameter filter


In the Snoobi menu, go to Settings, Advanced Settings, and choose Parameter filters.

Copy the unwanted parameter in the text field, without percentage marks. General parameters that may be excluded include sessionid and sid.


It is not recommended to exclude parameters which have an influence on the actual content of the website. If in doubt, contact Snoobi or your partner.