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Modified on Fri, 24 May 2024 at 10:05 AM

Email subscriptions -- Updated for April 2022 Release

While you are in a Custom Report, and you are either a Snoobi Administrator or the owner of the report, you can manage the subscriptions to this report.
With a few exceptions for very complex reports that take long to produce, Custom Reports are always sent before 11:00 on the selected date and day.

Click on Email subscriptions to create or edit an email subscription for this report. You can enter settings in the following screen:



  1. Enter a Description for the email message, this will be added to the body of the email
  2. Choose (optionally) a Start date and End date for the report. If you leave this field blank, the report is always sent. The start date is automatically set to when the report was created, the end date '5 years from now'
  3. Enter the Email address of the recipient. This does not have to be a Snoobi user. Note that you can add the same e-mail address multiple times, for instance if you want the report to sent on multiple days with maybe different settings
  4. Choose a Language for the report 
  5. Type and Sending day define when the report is sent (for types Day and Week choose a day in the week, for Weekday Snoobi will send from Monday-to-Friday, for Month choose the day number of the month.) Note that if you want to send the report every day including weekends you need to enter every day separately
  6. Date range defines how much data is included in the report. Select the option from the picklist
  7. Select or deselect 'Add as HTML attachment' this comes in handy when read for instance on mobile devices or where it is not convenient to use PDF.
  8. The default report is a PDF and a CSV file of the first panel. The CSV is only as an attachment with the first panel, so make sure you have moved that panel in the first position.
  9. Repeat step 3 for each subscriber.
  10. Click Save when you're done.


The recipients receive an email with all of the following

- a PDF as attachment to the message.

- a CSV file as an attachment of the 1st panel (this panel can be used in a custom report or imported into the CRM or sales application)

There is an option to also send a .html file.

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