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Settings - Ratings

Assigning visit ratings  makes it easy to find companies and organizations that have shown real interest in a product or service on the website.
Ratings also enable you to create engagement ratings which is more used for Business-to-Consumer installations of Snoobi

Ratings are an important part of the lead generation process. For a valuable outcome, it is important that the website is optimized and that sufficient (quality) visitors visit the website.


NOTE: the user needs Admin rights to edit these settings.


Create a new rating group


  • Choose Settings, Ratings and click on Add new.

  • Enter a clear  name for this rating group.

  • Click on Add Rule and enter the number of points you wish to give visitors that meet certain conditions. Or check Reject visit if you wish to ignore such visitors. (Do not enter zero points, because the visits will then still end up in this rating group.)

  • Click on Add Condition and select the category that you wish to give points, or wish to ignore.

  • If this group must meet another condition, click on Add Condition again and choose another category. Repeat this for as many conditions as required. Between the conditions, choose either AND or OR.

  • Click on Add Rule if  you wish to add another rating rule and repeat the steps above.

  • Click on Save when you have entered all rules and conditions for this rating group.


Ratings with many conditions may slow down Snoobi, please contact us for information about 'Best practices' related to your specific implementation of Snoobi

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