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Tips for Cleaning up your Snoobi account for speed, better insight and security

Websites are constantly undergoing changes in structure and content, and it is important to keep a good view on your statistics and specific analyses. We have a number of tips for you to clean up your Snoobi Analytics account in order to get the maximum result from the reports and analyses. Especially important if your website has been updated recently.

  • Snoobi tracking code
    Is your Snoobi tracking code on all pages and websites that need to be analysed?
    And are these settings correct and according to your use of privacy- and GDPR related information for your users? Ask us for assistance if you are unsure.

    Knowledgebase articles: Folder Contact and Installation

  • Clusters
    Are all Snoobi clusters (combination of pages) still complete and up-to-date? To get a good idea of the areas of interest of visitors, it is important that blogs and news articles that describe a product or service are also included.

    However, clusters that are of no immediate use or can also be viewed with a specific segment may slow down your analytics account considerably as data storage is duplicated. These clusters should be removed. No data is lost in any case.
    Knowledgebase article: Settings for Clusters

  • Start page
    Are you already using the option to set a certain page or report as the start page after logging in? Setting the start page after login to a report you use regularly has the benefit of direct access to the metrics you need. You maintain access to all Snoobi metrics and other features of course.

    Knowledgebase article: Setting the start page

  • Page naming
    When naming pages is set to be automated from the html-title, the list of page names will become outdated over time. A large number of page names can slow down the reports and may provide the wrong view if old names are still shown. Consider removing automatically created page names or a selection, Snoobi will refresh the list based on new incoming visits.
    Knowledgebase article: 
    Page naming settings

  • Is your Rating still set correctly?
    Does the Rating you have created still meet the requirements you set for a lead or specific visitor view? When using Labels, do you exclude existing customers and partners from your website lead lists?
    It is wise to label companies correctly as it provides a better view on actual statistics. For instance, are you already excluding visitors who only visit pages about open positions or who log in? Ratings are of good use in LeadsProfiler, where many details of a website visitor can be retrieved, but if the list of Ratings becomes (too) long, follow-up is a lot more difficult and no longer efficient.
    Knowledgebase articles: 
    Information on Ratings

  • Exclude your own IP addresses
    Is your own IP address, that of possible home workers, your website builder and other partners excluded from the analytics? If you do not do this, you 'pollute' the analysis with in fact unwanted visitors. Add a comment so you know what IP address belongs to who or what.
    Knowledgebase article: 
    IP Filtering

  • User maintenance
    Does every user within Snoobi have their own login? Snoobi creates its own environment for each user. Sharing login information is not recommended, also because of the security of your website data, and these are increasingly of strategic value.
    Are users in Snoobi no longer working for your organization? Then make sure they are removed from login and reports! If needed, Snoobi Support can create a list for you.
    Knowledbase articles: 
    More on users and permissions

  • Reports 
    Are the daily, weekly or monthly reports still in order and are they sent to the right people? Nothing is more annoying than receiving unwanted emails every time, and Snoobi would rather not participate in sending spam emails. There may be reports that are no longer used at all, so it would be a good idea to delete them. And are all panels in the reports reflecting what users need?
    Knowledgebase articles: 
    More on custom reports

  • Advertisement and goal settings (conversions)
    If your site has changed, it may no longer be possible to recognize a conversion. Check whether conversions are still measured correctly. After all, in this way the effectiveness of your website efforts can be measured properly.
    Also take a look at the list of named advertisements, that may be automatically created from UTM-codes. Are they readable and understandable for the report users? Consider renaming them and/or combining them under a single name.
    Knowledgebase articles: 
    On Advertising settings and Goal setting

  • Link Encodings
    If you want to be able to evaluate newsletters, banners or other online advertisements, or maybe even a click from the signature in your e-mail messages, it is necessary that you have the right encodings on the links. You can use the Snoobi-specific coding, but you can also use the Google Analytics utm-codes in other e-mail programs or online marketing tools such as ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp: these are also automatically processed by Snoobi.
    Knowledgebase articles: 
    On Automatic Ads and Manual Ad settings


Depending on your specific implementation, there may well be additional areas that are good to review regularly. Snoobi's Customer Support will contact you at least once per year for a free review.

 If you have any additional questions, or would like advice or assistance in 
updating your Snoobi account, please contact Snoobi Support (support [a] snoobi.eu or tuki [a] snoobi.fi). Or you can use the Customer Support button from the Snoobi interface.
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