IP filtering

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IP filtering

You can exclude visitors from your report by specifying the IP address of the computers that you want to exclude. For example, you can exclude visits from your own organization. Note that the IP address is static. Dynamic IP addresses may change and can therefore not be ruled out reliably.

By excluding an IP address or a range of IP addresses, visits of these computers are removed from your reports from that point in time forward.


NOTE: The IP address shown here is your current location. If you work at home with this computer, you must also exclude the address there as well.
Snoobi does not store IP-addresses from visitors according to GDPR (Data protection) rules, so if you want to exclude an IP address from an external party such as your marketing partner, egancy or web builder you will need to ask them for the IP address(es) they use.


Add an IP filter


In the Snoobi menu, go to Settings, Advanced Settings, and choose IP filtering. The following screen is displayed:



Click Add new. An entry window will be opened.


If you wish to exclude one IP address, type the address in both columns (IP from and IP to). If you wish to exclude a series of IP addresses, type the first address in the left column (IP from) and the last one in the right column (IP to). Organizations and computer networks usually have a range of IP addresses.

Finally, click Add new to conclude the operation.


Remove an IP filter


Move the mouse over the lines, on the right you will see a trash can icon. Click on it to remove the IP address (or IP range).

Note: Adding or deleting an IP address becomes effective after this setting is made. Existing data is not updated retroactively. Be careful not to make mistakes and select a very large range of IP addresses as that will impact your metrics.


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