(Updated January 2021 to include Finland-specific storage)
The Snoobi Data Processing Agreement details the responsibilty areas of the user of Snoobi Analytics (Data Controller) and Snoobi Technology B.V) (Data Processor) for GDPR- and related privacy regulations and is automatically invoked with the first use of a product from the Snoobi Analytics Suite of products.
Under Article 11: Duration and Termination the following text can be found:

  1. This Data Processing Agreement is established by the first use of the Data Controller of the Snoobi service to be delivered by the Data Processor, or on the date of the last signature, whatever comes first.
  2. This Data Processing Agreement has been entered into for the term of the agreement with the Data Processor and will automatically and tacitly be renewed after expiry of that term for the same duration, unless one of the Parties has terminated the related Snoobi Service.
    A notice period as stated in the General Terms and Conditions of the Data Processor must be observed.
  3. As soon as the Data Processor Agreement has been terminated, for whatever reason and in whatever way, the Data Processor will remove and / or destroy all personal data that are present at its disposal and any copies thereof according to the standard operational procedures, or at first demand by Data Controller
  4. The Parties may only change this agreement by mutual consent.