Sample user information about Snoobi Analytics cookies

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  1. Sample user information about Snoobi Analytics cookies

Sample information for the user, to be included in your privacy- or cookie statement in addition to any other statement you already have for other tools.


"Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer by your web browser. There are two types of Cookie known as session Cookies and persistent Cookies. A session Cookie is a temporary file which is stored in your computer for the duration of your visit to a website."


  • The visitor statistics are based on Snoobi Analytics reports. They use the cookies of Snoobi Analytics service and Java Script code if you consent.
  • We analyse the use of our website completely anonymously if you do not allow cookies or any other form of storage in your browser.
  • All data that is collected by Snoobi Analytics is available for the owner of this website only. No 3d party, social media or other online platform has access to this data. We therefore guarantee your privacy when using this website.
  • Snoobi Analytics uses cookies for the anonymous identification of the user’s browser, to recognise return visits and to gather information on the links used to access the page (search engine, third-party link, direct traffic).
    Note that return visits can only be recognized if you allow cookies to be stored in your browser; but even when cookies are stored you remain completely anonymous as we have no method to identify individuals.
  • Snoobi Analytics is used to produce reports on the use of the website. The reports are used to improve the service and are available only to the owner of the website and are never used by advertising companies.
  • The analytics data is anonymous in nature and does not include identifiable personal information, nor can it be combined with other data to become personally identifiable.
  • Elements of you IP address are removed to ensure anonymous processing of IP addresses.
  • Also if you select 'Do not Track' in your browser settings then no cookies will be stored other than cookies used during a single session, comparable to the 'Active when cookies=session' in the table below.
  • In the table below _account will be replaced by the identification for this website.
  • When cookies=session (which is selectable by the website owner) then Snoobi will only place session Cookies for the duration of the session or visit, enabling extended privacy for the user.
  • When cookies=block (which is selectable by the website owner) then Snoobi function completely without cookies or any other form of stirage enabling full privacy for the user.


Analytics cookies

Examples of cookies used by Snoobi on this website (if cookies are not set to 'block')


Active when cookies=session


Is used for



2  year

General ID for Snoobi Analytics, used when cookies are allowed to analyse repeat users.



Browser session

General ID for Snoobi Analytics, not stored for future use so not possible to identify user for future sessions..



Browser session

To maintain the session, gets deleted at the end of the session



Max. 30 minutes

Up to 30 minutes, to keep track of the session if the user navigates to another website or browser tab.

 (or Snoobi-testi)


Browser session

Used to test to check if cookies are enabled in the browser; if this cookie can be set then cookies are allowed by the browser.
No user-identifiable elements.



Browser Session

Random number to let the analytics server know that the Snoobi code is loaded, no user-identifiable elements.



2 year

Random unique number to recognize this browser for future visits, used when cookies are allowed to analyse repeat users.







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