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Modified on Mon, 05 Sep 2022 at 10:27 AM

Snoobi Traffic Monitor

With a previous release we introduced the Snoobi Traffic Monitor.

The Traffic Monitor shows how many 'hits' Snoobi collects for your website, and how much of those are coming from 'bots'. Read more details on bot traffic in this article: (https://www.snoobi-technology.com/bottraffic-and-snoobi-analytics/)


For marketing analytics, only metrics from real visitors are important. Snoobi doesn't show the traffic from automated systems such as bots. We filter that out as much as possible, so we only show how much of what we collect and store for your website is relevant in the panels.

More insights through Real-Time Traffic Monitor

With the the fall 2022 release of Snoobi Analytics we added real-time visits to the Snoobi Traffic Monitor. This is updated every 5 seconds with the latest information, so it will show data after a few seconds.

Real-time analytics turns data into insights immediately after it has been collected from your website. On the main Snoobi screen, it is visible as a metric in the Traffic Monitor:

If you click on the 'Current Visitors' text in the table, a window opens with a detailed view on the real time visitors:

Since this is information from 'as it happens', the number can be different from the number in the table. Hit the 'Refresh' button to see the latest information.
 The detail screen has 5 columns:

  • Organization (unfiltered, so includes internet service providers, but also possible bot traffic)
  • Time (time of the last click from this organization that accesses the website)
  • Last page (page name or url this organization has last accessed)
  • Page views (how many pages were already viewed during this active session)
  • Referrer (what was the source of the visit)


Note that visits shown here, with the exception of bot traffic that we filter out, will also become a standard metric in your Snoobi account.

Why the real-time visit view

In most cases, the 'right time' for analytic metrics is anything between one day and a month, depending on the actual metric used for analysis and the needs of the organization. Other than for information purpose, there are not that many cases where viewing actual visits in real time is important.
 But real-time analytics has a few immediate usage benefits:


  1. Quickly address website issues
    1. Looking at the real-time panel, do you see visits coming to '404 - page not found'? Then take a good look at the referrer, it may well be that another website or service that points to your site has an incorrect link. Take action, and use the full analytics reports later to follow up.
    2. Do you see unexpected results from a page name? Maybe the page title was not set correctly.
    3. Are there few visitors or no visitors at all, but you expect to see more visits? Maybe something is wrong with your website.
  2. Immediately view first results from your marketing
    1. If you start a new marketing or advertising action, the results should be visible immediately. 
  3. View unknown or suspicious traffic
    1. Do you notice a large traffic volume from one or a few organizations, or many unexpected page views? You may be targetted either to extract data from your website or an attack on your website. Since Snoobi filters out bot traffic from the standard analytics report this may go unnoticed until there is a real problem.


We intend to add extra metrics to the real-time analytic metric over time. Contact us for more information or for suggestions.

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