Frequently asked questions about the use of cookies for Snoobi analyses

Q: What happens if visitors block all cookies on their computer?
A: All visits are still being measured, but a visitor is no longer recognized with a recurring visit. All visits are then reported as a new visit, albeit from the same organization.
The number of visitors is then equal to the number of visits.

Q: What happens if visitors only block third party cookies on their computers?
A: Snoobi will then continue to function, except that visitors who go back and forth between different domains (multiple websites within one account) will each time be counted as a new visit for each of these websites.
The visit route is then displayed as separate sessions (visits) for each of the visited domains visited.
Note that starting with release 2021-3 Snoobi no longer uses third party cookies.

Q: Am I recognized as a person during a website visit?
A: Snoobi only recognizes organizations and does not make any effort to recognize or identify individuals in any way. We cannot make a connection in an automated way, directly or indirectly, between a person or an employee of an organization that Snoobi recognizes.

Q: I see a lot more cookies than the ones mentioned above – how is that possible
A: Snoobi Analytics, the program use by a website owner to review the website metrics and analytics, needs cookies to function correctly. So if you are a user of the actual Snoobi Analytics or Prospekter program you may see more cookies.
These are only set when the user goes to Snoobi's login page and logs in with Snoobi Analytics’s program, and maintain the session and settings for the user.
They cannot be blocked, otherwise the Snoobi application program will not longer function correctly.