This article explains what data is collected by Snoobi. Any metric in Snoobi is derived from the collected data. Additional settings can be made to set specific metrics such as goals, advertising or clustering important pages.


Data collected

  • Name (html-title) and URL of the current web page
  • Data and time of website visit (includes time zone)
  • URL of the previous page visited before entering the web site (referrer data)
  • Brand, Type, version and language of the visitor's web browser
  • Resolution and color depth of the visitor's screen
  • Is the browser able to run Flash and/or Java
  • Operating system and associated language of the visitor's browser setting
  • Cookie support for the browser and DNT (Do-Not-Track) setting
  • Additional data added to the base url such as search parameters on the site or advertising codes (for instance UTM-codes used by Google)
  • For web shops: the data collected by the webshop about the orders and items.
  • IP-address of the visiting browser.
    Note the IP-address is anonymized by making the last octet '0' where the visitor doesn't agree on setting a cookie. It can be customer-controlled for other Snoobi accounts. The IP address of a visitor is not access ible to anyone and only used once by the Snoobi Analytics internal program.
  • If cookies (1st or 3d party) are allowed: visitor id for this browser.
    Note this is only used internally to allow the metric for repeat visitors but it is not available in the interface for Finnish clients. Also, 3d part cookies are no longer set by Snoobi starting with the 2021-3 release.
    If cookies are set to OFF for the Snoobi tracking code then every visit will have an unique id so visitors can not be identified uniquely. Cookies are then only used during the session to maintain the session, but are not stored outside the session for privacy reasons.