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Modified on Wed, 06 Apr 2022 at 02:40 PM

Which domains are included in the Snoobi metrics -- Updated for April 2022 Release

When the Snoobi code is correctly installed, Snoobi collects data from websites when three conditions are correct

  • The Snoobi account code matches an existing Snoobi account
  • The domain where Snoobi receives hits from matches a domain that is included in the 'Data collection domains'
  • The collection is switched 'ON' (which is mostly the case but can be 'OFF' for Campaign or Archived accounts)

Note: Please do not change any domain or path identifyer without consulting with Snoobi first. Changing this can mean unrecoverable data loss or other side-effects.

Snoobi may not collect data from unknown domains, but we still want to show from which domains we see traffic.
There may be a number of reasons to see names of Domains without data collection.

  • There may be additional subdomains where Snoobi is installed but not yet actively collecting data
  • Someone copied the complete html from at least one page of your website for their own use or to perform scraping of data without the need to access your site multiple times
  • It may be a valid request, such as in the three highlighted domains below; there may be interest in the content of your website but there is a language problem. The visitor then translates your web page into a different language using an online tool such as Google translator or

We advise you to carefully look at these domains, and where needed ask us to add these to the domains to be tracked. It will provide you with additional insight in where and how your web site content is used!


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