Creating a segment in Snoobi Analytics

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Create a segment


As an example, we shall create a segment to zoom in on the visitors using search engines Google or Bing and who use the Firefox browser. You can apply this method to any of the required selection of data.


Click on Segmentation at the top of the screen. The following screen will be displayed, showing two tabs: Create new segment and Add saved segments:



On the tab page Create New, click consecutively on Entry Methods, Search Engine and, in the search engines list, on Google and Bing. 



The chosen search engines will be displayed in the Selected window.



  • Select all search engines by checking Select All in the top right corner.
  • Exclude search engines by checking Exclude in the lower screen.
  • Add a wild card (top right corner) if you wish to add all items that meet certain criteria. E.g. if you add "Google" as a wild card, also Google Images will be added to the selection.
  • Edit or delete a chosen item by moving the mouse over the item:



When done, click OK. The following will be displayed:



Next, you will add the condition Firefox. Click on +Add condition and then consecutively click on Technical, Browser and choose Firefox.



Firefox will appear in the 


 frame. After clicking OK, the next window shows on top of your panel:



Your panel now shows only data of visitors using search engines Google or Bing and the Firefox browser.



  • Choose Or instead of And if you wish the data to apply to either of the conditions, rather than both.
  • If required, add another condition by clicking on Add condition.
  • Edit or delete conditions by moving the mouse over them. This will display several icons:


  • Use the pencil to edit the condition.
  • Use the trash can to delete the condition.
  • Use the arrows to move the conditions up or down.


Save Segment or discard?


If you expect to use the segment again later, save it by clicking Save. Give it a meaningful name and click Save. See Apply a segment to see how you can use it again later.


If you do not expect to use this segment again, just click OK. The segment will then be temporarily kept under the name New Segment until you actually delete it or log out. To delete it, move the mouse over the segment, an x appears in the name. Click on this and confirm deletion.

Note this is irreversible.

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