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What is on-page SEO and what is visible in Snoobi Analytics?


What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is a term that covers numerous strategies applied on a web page to improve its ranking within search engine results. It differs from off-page SEO strategies that occur outside the webpage – most notably in the form of building inbound links and optimizing your keywords. The two types of SEO are equally important and an effective SEO strategy has to include both.


The goal of on-page SEO is to optimize a page's content, formatting, and design to rank highly within the SERPs. Most people rely on search results to find businesses to purchase from or content to consume. While SEO strategies work on most search engine platforms, they are particularly geared towards being effective on Google, which is the clear market leader. Ranking high on Google can have a positive impact on a site's web traffic.


Fields of on-page SEO as visible in Snoobi

When you click on an url in the "SEO on-page metrics" panel you will first see an overall SEO score. Anything lower than 40% may need some attention. 

You can perform up to 50 free on-page SEO checks per day, so you can easily make changes where needed and return to the same url to check if your score has improved.

In this initial release Snoobi doesn't store the results so we advise you to make a note of the less-good performing pages and re-run the tests later to see the improvements. Our partner Seobility has free and priced options to see more detail and tips in optimizing.


Summary: The overall summary shows time to load as an important web page parameter.

Loading time has a huge impact on a the page’s success, the majority of web site visitors say slow page speeds impact their decision to keep browing the site or in purchase decisions.

File size, words on page and media on page impact the load time of a page. 


Other on-page SEO tests in Snoobi summarize the score of many different tests and provide you with an overall score. Score lower than 40% is red/not good, between 41% and 79% yellow/reasonable, and above 79% is green/good!


Meta-data tests you web page url on several points, such as title, meta-description and several other important elements. 

Page quality looks at content, mobile access, and content in general.

Page structure analyses the use of headers and other content elements within the text.

Links analyses the internal and external links on the page, as well as the use of anchors.

Server reviews the score of your server configuration, headers and url-redirects.

External checks the page on external factors such as Google's blacklist, and if there are sufficient backlinks, and has the page links from Facebook? Depending on your business this may not be relevant for your website.

See more information on the Seobility website or sign up for an account.

Snoobi does not offer support on this free product addition.

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