[EN] Sample end-user GDPR-information request

Modified on Thu, 23 May 2024 at 11:04 PM

Sample text for end-user GDPR-information or deleting requests

Below is a text sample for information that can be sent to a user/visitor when they request to be informed about their logged online actions and/or they request these actions to be removed.

This sample is not intended to be legal advise from Snoobi in any form, and you will need to add your own organization information and practices.
But it will give you some example text to use as a starting point.

Note this functionality is available starting with the Snoobi release V2021-9/10

Thank you for contacting <your organization name>.

We are committed to addressing your concerns. If you are contacting us with a data accessibility or data deletion request, we do not share any data collected by Snoobi Analytics that may constitute personal information about you with any third party. Processing, collection, or storage of your information is purely managed by your explicit approval to store browser cookies across multiple visits to our website or application.

This information is used by us to analyze and optimize the usage of this website and may be necessary in order to provide you with a seamless and personalized user experience.
We have also ensured that, following regulatory guidelines and to the extent of our control, any such data that may potentially constitute your personal information can been deleted, with no further capability by us to access such data.

Some of the types of data that we may process, are but are not limited to: your device model and operating system; your general location based on the location of your IP address; your time zone; your internet service provider or organization; the actions and duration of your time online; and a unique identifier specific to your browser device. 

While we are not able to use any of these data elements, alone or in combination, to identify you personally, you may have a legal right under applicable law or regulation to submit a data accessibility or deletion request.

Data access request:
In the event a verifiable data accessibility is received, we will inform you of the website visits as we have collected and stored for the visitor ID you provide within <insert number of days here>.

Data deletion request:
In the event a verifiable data deletion request is received, we will unrecoverably delete identifiers that link your specific visitor ID to analytics data stored within 14 days after receipt. 
However, we may retain certain information as needed to comply with applicable law, regulation or legal process. 
In addition, some information including your request for data accessibility or data deletion, may be stored on back-up or archival files for legal or technical reasons for <some period of time>. Please see our Privacy Statement for more information about your data privacy. 

If you need additional information, please contact us at <your company Data Protection contact>

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